Setbacks are going to happen, whether triggered by stress, physical illness, holidays, contact with your ghost mother, painful memories, or other factors. In fact, all healing happens in erratic ways, often with progress being made, and then a period of stagnation or backwards movement, which can feel like a setback but is to be expected.

Keep in mind that change is still happening even in the midst of a so-called setback, and you will soon regain the progress that was previously made. It’s likely there will be times when you are painfully impacted by the ways that being ghost-mothered continues to haunt you, but these are temporary feelings; you now have tools to use when this happens, and you know how to get support to keep moving forward.

Thus, your painful feelings will no longer consume you as they did before, or take you as deeply into feelings of discouragement. This was once your reality, and there are still scars, but this is no longer where you chose to live.