Ready to start your healing journey?

Don’t try to go it alone, skilled guidance and support make all the difference. The benefits of healing from a ghost mother include:

  • Develop positive self-esteem
  • Make sense of your childhood experience
  • Improve intimate relationships
  • Change painful patterns
  • Feel more in charge of your life
  • Be more compassionate with yourself
  • Learn how to live fully in the present
  • Understand and release painful feelings
  • Discover ways to get your needs met
  • Rid yourself from feeling shame

I refer frequently to narcissism and narcissistic mothers, as this is a primary issue that impacts many people who are poorly mothered. Ghost mothers are not emotionally available for a number of reasons, yet what’s needed to heal and move forward is basically the same.

Helping You Heal

Initial free consultation

If you’re considering therapy, I provide a 30-minute free consultation, in person or by phone to discuss your goals and answer your questions.

Note that this is NOT a therapy session, it’s an opportunity to assess your needs and determine if we work well together.

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Individual therapy

Individualized healing based on your situation, the issues you want to address and patterns you want to change. Depending on your needs, 60 and 90 minute sessions are available. I incorporate schema therapy, which is uniquely well suited to heal trauma and change painful patterns developed in growing up ghost mothered. Click here to learn more.

Once scheduled for an initial session, click here to download and complete new client forms.

Phone consultation

For those who live outside California, I provide consultations via phone or FaceTime to help you define healing steps, identify resources, and support your healing journey.

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“Have you ever tried hugging a ghost? You end up hugging yourself!”