There are positive lessons to be learned from growing up this way? Gifts that I can wrap up and take with me after going through all this pain? Yes, very much so… this often over-looked aspect of growing up ghost-mothered was the part I enjoyed most in writing my book, the opportunity to describe some of these important, often overlooked gifts.

In Chapter 7 the idea of gifts is introduced: 

“Perhaps you fear that the years spent chasing your mother have become a liability, but soon you’ll discover that what we learn from our early illusive existence makes it possible not only to heal, but to further empower ourselves by continuing to draw on these powerful lessons. In opening to these possibilities, we are able to embrace concepts that profoundly benefit our ability to live, and to love.”

Healing from this pain is ultimately about not being a victim, and not blaming our mother. It’s about using this experience to deepen our understanding, and appreciation for life. Learning who we are from the inside out, discovering our resiliency and capacity for change, is information that continues to encourage self-appreciation and self-discovery