“Ghost Daughers”

Do you dread Mother’s Day? Did you grow up ghost mothered? (A Ghost Mother isn’t able to emotionally connect; she isn’t there for you)

We get it, we understand ~ while others celebrate their mothers in May, you aren’t sure what to do. Hallmark doesn’t make a card to express the relationship with your mother.

Join us for an opportunity to feel supported and inspired during an afternoon of gentle mind-body exercises, humor, guided imagery, music and more. Let’s celebrate Mother’s Day differently this year!

This is the antidote to a lonely, sad or confusing Mother’s Day. Together we will embrace our collective strengths, and open our hearts.


Saturday May 6
(the weekend before Mother’s day) 1:30 – 4pm


Advance registration is recommended
Cost $65


Mt. Yoga Studio
12234 Poway Rd, Suite 202
Poway, CA 92064

This workshop event is facilitated by Tracey Plascencia, RYT, registered yoga teacher and owner of Mt. Yoga, and Kathryn Rudlin, LCSW, therapist & author of Ghost Mothers: Healing From the Pain of a Mother Who Wasn’t Really There. We’re both ghost daughters dedicated to developing a supportive community and sharing with you all that we’ve learned.

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I’m aware that some of the workshops listed may seem a bit cosmic, rest assured this is not what we’re offering.

Testimonials from Previous Workshops

  • “I felt understood for the first time. I loved the integration of yoga and therapy.”
  • “Thank you for giving a voice to those who need it.”
  • “I loved the mix of movement with conversation, more of this!”
  • “Loved it, thank you.”
  • “I appreciated the reassurance that I’m not alone, that others have gone through this and that we can all learn from each other.”
  • “The participants were great, the agenda was great and not having to stick with it made it feel like my experience was important.”
  • “A very comfortable setting and great information.”
  • “Not just mental healing, also physical healing. How I feel physically is one of the things I used to ignore.”
  • “Loved the empowerment message. Excellent teachers who are very passionate about what they’re presenting.”
  • “I got some much-needed validation; nice to know I’m not alone.”