Kathy Rudlin and Litsa Anthis

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Program Directors

Kathryn RudlinKathryn (Kathy) Rudlin, LCSW

With over 30 years as a licensed therapist in California, I was initially trained as a family therapist and gained valuable experience working with teens in settings to include foster care, wilderness therapy and psychiatric hospitals. My passion for this population included supervising interns, writing a workbook on facilitating adolescent groups, and publishing articles on parenting at-risk teens.

Personal, educational and professional experiences finally unlocked the mystery of my own family’s dysfunction and in doing so I discovered my passion to help others do the same. In meeting Wendy Behary, who successfully uses Schema Therapy to heal narcissists, and those in relationship with them; I discovered an approach that deeply heals this pain, decreases the trauma and allows those who use it to free themselves from the pain of the past and thrive!

Kathy authored the book: Ghost Mothers, to increase awareness of the difficulties in growing up un-mothered. She has a private practice in San Diego, CA, talks about Schema Therapy any chance she gets and is thrilled to be facilitating the training program with Litsa.

International Society Schema TherapyIn addition, Kathy trained intensively with Dr. Karyl McBride, author of the book: Will I Ever Be Good Enough, and is a certified therapist through her program.

Evangelia (Litsa) Anthis, Psy.D

As the child of Greek immigrants, growing up during the Apartheid era in South Africa made a profound impact on the person Litsa is today. Driven by hope for a different future and an end to the everyday human suffering all around her, she chose to become a Social Worker.

Litsa completed her education in the UK with a PhD in Counseling Psychology, later specializing in Psychodermatolgy: supporting individuals with the impact of skin disease. In 2002, she discovered Schema Therapy; an empathic and explanatory approach that deeply resonated with her own life experiences.

After ten years in London, she moved to Greece on a mission to mitigate the stigma surrounding therapy in her native culture. Over the next ten years, she worked in private practice, promoted psychological services in various settings, became President of the Greek Psoriasis Society, and qualified as an Advanced Schema Therapist.

“Schema Therapy got to the core of my pain and helped relieve it after residing deep within me for years. For the first time in my life, I felt understood and validated. This approach was the gateway to becoming whole and the beginning of a new life.”