How Schema Therapy Helps

When I discovered schema therapy, it opened up exciting and effective ways to help others heal from the pain of growing up ghost mothered. Developed by Dr. Jeffrey Young, this integrative approach combines theories and strategies from attachment theory, cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), and experiential therapies.

schema therapy

Part of our group training in New Jersey with Dr. Jeffrey Young and Wendy Behary, LCSW.

At its core this is a compassionate, well-defined approach that focuses on identifying the needs that weren’t met growing up in a dysfunctional family, and teaches how to get these needs consistently met as an adult. We can’t know what we never learned; Schema Therapy offers a clear path to understand coping strategies that no longer work and ways to mindfully move forward.

This approach has been wildly popular on the East Coast and in Europe, and is increasingly gaining positive recognition as research studies prove its effectiveness and long-term positive results.

I’m thrilled to announce that I am now officially an Advanced Certified Schema Therapist! Certification is from the ISST, International Society of Schema Therapists and I’m the first therapist to earn this credential in California.


Resources to learn more about the development of schema therapy and how it works:

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“I am delighted to know Kathryn Rudlin and to welcome her into the global community of Schema Therapists. Kathy is a bright, warm, and talented clinician with a wealth of professional experience. She is a colleague and a comrade, sharing a mutual specialty in Narcissism.

Along with her extraordinary expertise in helping those who have been sadly impacted by a narcissist in their lives… she also shares her special healing “gifts” with those who suffer from narcissistic personality development, guiding them to uncover and unlearn an evolution of self-defeating patterns and hiding places, including longstanding walls of entitlement and disconnection.”

Wendy Behary, LCSW
The NJ Institute for Schema Therapy, Director
“Psychological health is the ability to get one’s needs met in an adaptive manner.

The central project of children’s development is to get their core needs met; the central project of effective parenting is to help the child get these needs met: and the central project of Schema Therapy – its primary objective- is to help adults get their own needs met.”

Dr. Jeffrey Young
Developer of Schema Therapy
“Healing doesn’t happen overnight, it requires consistent effort to change old patterns and embrace new ones. I believe healing begins the moment you acknowledge the pain of growing up with a ghost mother, and continues every time you acknowledge your inner wisdom and successful steps forward.”